Chairman’s MESSAGE

In today’s globalized environment where boundaries are quickly disappearing. How can we provide our children with an education that is responsive, relevant and responsible? It is never right to confine children to old fashioned learning that is no longer relevant today since they have been born in a different era with different needs. With such priorities in mind, we began our journey to find a way through which we can provide young minds with an education that truly goes beyond the confines of the classroom walls and effectively prepares them for a rather fast-changing world.

Besides Imparting knowledge, we aim at inculcating humane values which are the need of the hour.

Through effective research, we came up with a way that not only allowed us to understand the educational system of the country but also determine how it should ideally be. This led us to a path of studying various humane pedagogical processes with much deliberation, as we examined numerous educational institutes in India and abroad. This eventually led us to realize that it is necessary to bring a transformation in education which led to the birth of Gayatri International School.

Mr. Manoj Aggarwal