Principal’s MESSAGE

GIS has been conceived and built to chart out a new paradigm in school education. The magnificent and aesthetically designed buildings and the modern facilities will simply take your breath away. The provision of best-in-class infrastructure contributes in providing a world-class education to learners.

The school aspires to equip learners through a modern pedagogy and a forward-thinking CBSE curriculum the necessary knowledge, skills and values to enable them to become confident, capable and creative individuals. The school also yearns to endow learners with a range of capabilities that will help them to weather challenges of school life and most importantly help them prepare for a rapidly changing future.

Within in a short span of time, the school has put in place robust systems and practices in place to aid the holistic development of learners. The school has also established a formidable reputation for academic rigour as well as the capability to roll out a wide-range of skill-based CCA & ECA programs to hone the skills of learners in order to give them a jump start in life.

The world has witnessed cataclysmic disruption in learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Undeterred by the pandemic, the school has transitioned swiftly to the online mode of education with no dilution of its educational intent and it speaks volumes about the resilience of a new school such as ours in facing the challenges squarely and with agility. It has also offered an invaluable opportunity for learners to deal with real-life challenges and adapt quickly to them.

When learners return to school soon for face-to-face learning, I am sure additional opportunities will open up for learners and educators to push the barriers to become the best they can be. I am hopeful and confident of the exciting journey that lie ahead that will involve setting new benchmarks and reaching new milestones by the school with the help of all stakeholders.

Best wishes
K. Harindranathan